Barge Tracker

BargeTracker is a business intelligence tool that generates commercial insights for stakeholders in the marine fuels supply chain.

Our product uses AIS data, GEO data and proprietary algorithms to generate a timeline of activities for each bunker barge operating at a port of interest.

Based on the barge’s position relative to client vessels and fuel storage terminals, we deduce transfer events and quantities.

BargeTracker data can be used by any stakeholder in the bunkering industry. Suppliers can track whom their customers are buying from, see when an approaching vessel has last received bunkers and even see what their competitors’ barges are doing.

Bunker Buyers, Traders and Brokers can get an insight in any bunkering market, how many barges are operating, who are the suppliers, barge utilization, do they deliver at anchorage, etc. If you are working on a Claim for a given bunkering, we can provide unbiased insights from the event: where was the barge before / after, where did it refuel, where did the receiving vessel get bunkers last, just to mention a bit of the unique information provided by BargeTracker.

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